ONS North America: April 3-5, San Jose, CA

March 8, 2019

ONS North America - Enabling Collaborative Development & Innovation...

Radisys will participate at this upcoming ONS/Linux event and will feature Natasha Tamaskar, VP of Global Marketing and Sales Strategy on Thursday, April 4 from 2:30 - 3:00pm presenting: 'Driving to the Edge: How Open APIs and RAN will Transform Ordinary Parking Lots into Dynamic Data Centers'. 

Abstract: Self-driving cars are bringing the cloud to the most mundane of locations – the city parking lot. But this brings density and network congestion challenges as these cars demand access to mobile networks to receive updates. The emergence of 5G will support these new applications, while moving the network closer to the edge. Natasha Tamaskar will discuss how open APIs, Open RAN solutions, CBRS, and small cells combine to enable disaggregation and virtualization at the network edge, enabling new use cases such as driver assistance services (self-parking, etc.).

Ultimately, the influx of local processing power and real-time data from self-driving cars will provide operators, developers, city planners and automotive manufacturers an opportunity to monetize the new data centers that will populate smart parking lots.

To meet with Natasha and other members of the Radisys team, please contact sales@radisys.com



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