IWPC Workshop: Driving the Connected Vehicle Landscape - June 17-19 San Jose, CA

Wireless communications in vehicles is increasing in importance and promises to make driving safer, traffic flow smoother, energy consumption more efficient and emissions lower. Several emerging technologies and services, such as intelligent driving, the creation of maps with real-time data and driving assistance based on cloud computing, require vehicles to be connected to the cloud and networks to facilitate the transfer of large amounts of data among vehicles and between vehicles and the cloud. Based on estimations, there will be a need for new network architectures and computing infrastructure to support massive computing resources and topology-aware storage capacity for balancing quality and cost.

Driving to the Edge: How Open APIs and Open RAN will Transform Ordinary Parking Lots into Dynamic Data Centers

Tuesday, June 18 5:00 PM

Natasha Tamaskar, Vice President, Global Marketing and Sales Strategy, Radisys

Self-driving cars are bringing the cloud to the most mundane of locations – the city parking lot. As the demand for connected vehicles continues to grow, so does the need for new network architectures to support the massive data demands. Join Natasha to learn how open disaggregated networks will provide operators and developers with an opportunity to monetize these new smart parking lot data centers.

To meet with Radisys about our open disaggregated network solutions, please contact: sales@radisys.com

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Digital Transformation World - Catalyst Virtual Showcase: June 30 - August 4

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