On-demand Webinar: Is Open RAN Key to the 5G Future?

In this webinar, we explore the latest developments in the open RAN world, from those arising from organizations like the O-RAN Alliance and Telecom Infra Project, to operator trials of interoperable, multi-vendor RAN.

The true benefits of 5G will be realized with massive scale, something that operators will have to pay mightily to achieve. In carrier-led effort to shift network economics in their favor, the open RAN ecosystem has flourished in recent years and is poised for a big breakthrough.

Looking ahead, experts will discuss the opportunities associated with open RAN ecosystem development as well as potential challenges that could arise as the technology set matures.


Sean Kinney, Editor-in-Chief, RCR Wireless News
Ganesh Shenbagaraman, Vice President, Engineering, Radisys
Owen O'Donnell, Marketing Manager, VIAVI Solutions

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