SEBA and SD-PON: Driving Open Network Disruption Through Open Solution Evolution

April 17, 2019

By Shaun Missett

Thanks to services like triple-play (phone, TV, internet), TV-to-TV calling, broadband service providers are gaining a significant increase in both residential and enterprise subscribers.

To meet these growing service demands, support services and keep up with subscriber demand and connect billions of new devices, broadband service providers are seeking transform their traditional broadband networks, and do so at a lower cost.

Traditional network infrastructure is not built to enable rapid innovation; solutions are expensive to deploy and are often tied to one vendor, creating vendor lock-in. As a result, broadband service providers are turning to open software-centric technologies that disaggregate and virtualize their access networks, reduce overall costs, improve manageability, programmability and accelerate new service introduction.      

SEBA - Open Solutions Evolution Continues

Radisys continues to drive open source disruption and support of service providers’ interest in open stack to achieve greater CapEx and OpEx savings, access hardware vendor neutrality, and gain deployment flexibility.

As an active member of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), Radisys has been collaborating with ONF and tier-one service providers on development of an open standards-based solution for broadband access through trials of Residential Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter (R-CORD).

More recently, Radisys has been helping to enable the evolution of open source solutions by contributing to the development of the ONF SDN Enabled Broadband Access (SEBA) Initiative. SEBA allows service providers to leverage mature open source software like ONOS and mass market, high quality bare metal hardware to reduce cost and time to market development.

SEBA brings new stability and scalability to R-CORD deployments. With the SEBA Reference Design (SEBA-RD) and Exemplar Platform (SEBA-EP), broadband service providers can integrate VOLTHA, ONOS and Network Edge Mediation (NEM) as a single OSS manageable entity, allowing for greater back office configuration and tighter integration with ONAP.

SD-PON, A New Solution for Broadband Access Disaggregation

As part of our involvement with ONF’s SEBA, Radisys has introduced Software-Defined PON (SD-PON). Built on Exemplar Platform (SEBA-EP), SD-PON is a new solution for broadband access disaggregation.

SD-PON implements software-centric technologies and virtualizes functions that originally resided on legacy OLT boxes in a broadband network, moving these functions from proprietary black boxes to commodity white box platforms as software form factors based on open design. As a result, broadband service providers will be able to disaggregate their networks, enabling OLT vendor neutrality and deployment flexibility with hardware abstraction and open designs to further drive down costs.

Our SD-PON solution also offers increased and customizable functionality to meet broadband service providers’ unique service models. With our service expertise, Radisys can tune it to any operator's network and manage any legacy or physical white box OLT or ONU.

Meet with Radisys at Broadband Forum Asia

Radisys is always glad to help you discover how solutions like SEBA and SD-PON can provide new opportunities to leverage disaggregated, virtualized access networks to achieve greater CapEx and OpEx savings.

We will be at Broadband Forum Asia 7-8 May 2019 and will be discussing the Radisys SD-PON framework. Contact us to schedule time to meet with us and learn how we can help you take advantage of these open solutions for your broadband access disaggregation.


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