Commercial Communications Technologies Transform Battlespace Visualization for Today’s Troops

June 17, 2024 Harry Jensen

The modern Battlespace is continuing to and has evolved rapidly over the past ten years; today, communications and networking technology can be the determining factor in tactical success in the Battlespace. Considering that soldiers use smartphones and tablets enabled with the latest LTE technology in their personal life on a daily basis, how can the military take advantage of economic and technical advances in the commercial communications industry and apply it to the Battlespace?

Our white paper, “Battlespace Visualization,” shares how bringing LTE and video conferencing technology to the Battlespace gives soldiers unprecedented capabilities for knowing where they are, who their targets are and where their targets are located—also known as Situational Awareness. To maximize Situational Awareness, soldiers can and should rely on commercial communications technologies that provide Battlespace Visualization.

At Radisys, we serve an integral role in addressing the challenges of the rapidly-changing approaches to Battlespace Visualization through enhanced communication technologies. Utilizing low latency, high throughput LTE mobile communications and conferencing technology, our solutions support virtually all types of Battlespace Visualization conferencing applications utilized for tactical military networks, and enable military decision makers to show the right data to the right people on a timely basis.

I hope you’ll check out this white paper, and learn how emerging LTE and conferencing technologies offer our soldiers’ clear advantages for Situational Awareness for today’s Battlespace.

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