Radisys ATCA Keeps Aggressive Launch Schedule on Track

Venkataraman Prasannan

We have liftoff! Yesterday’s announcement is a great example of how Radisys partners with our customers to help them reach their goals. In this case, we leveraged our expertise and field-proven solutions to help a customer meet a very tight deployment deadline.

ViaSat needed to complete and deploy an entire satellite modem termination system within two years. That’s a very short window to design an entirely new SMTS (a system that aggregates uplink and downlink traffic traveling between satellites and end-users).

In order to meet this aggressive timeline, ViaSat chose Radisys’ ATCA platform with pre-integrated middleware and COTS blades.

ViaSat also needed to design ATCA-compatible blades to address unique functions in its system. Our team of experts provided its design consulting services, to help ViaSat develop the custom ATCA boards and complete the middleware integration in-house.

In short, ViaSat also leveraged Radisys’ valuable IP in ATCA in order to focus its own R&D funds on its core competency, application software…giving their team a substantial headstart.

It wasn’t easy…and there were challenges along the way…but the broader Radisys team (including our awesome partners-THANK YOU!) worked together with ViaSat to achieve the end goal – deployment!

(Be sure to check out the cool video above that shows the satellite launch…liftoff is at minute 5:40.)

Need help meeting your aggressive deployment schedule? Click here to learn more about our ATCA solutions and expertise.

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