Radisys Adds Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) Codec Support to Media Server, Enabling Significant Spectrum Savings for Mobile Operators

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  • The EVS codec, also known as Ultra HD Audio, allows mobile operators to deliver the same fidelity as HD Audio with less spectrum, or to deliver unprecedented voice quality using the same spectrum required for HD Audio
  • Radisys’ Media Server is the industry’s first IMS-compliant Media Resource Function to include EVS codec support, helping mobile operators to improve VoLTE spectrum efficiency by up to 35 percent
  • A leading mobile operator in the adoption and innovation of VoLTE is using Media Server with EVS to deliver Ultra HD voice to its subscribers

Hillsboro, OR, April 26, 2016Radisys® Corporation (NASDAQ: RSYS), the services acceleration company, today announced that it has added Ultra HD Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) audio codec support to its market-leading MediaServer Media Resource Function (MRF). In conjunction, Radisys has been working with a leading mobile operator in the deployment of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) to roll out Ultra HD Audio to its subscriber base. Building on more than 15 years of market leadership, technology excellence and innovation, Radisys’ Media Server MRF is the industry’s first IMS-compliant media processing platform to support the Ultra HD/EVS codec.

“VoLTE is the future of voice communications for mobile operators,” said Ed Gubbins, Senior Analyst, Wireless Infrastructure, Current Analysis. “As the number of VoLTE subscribers grows, it becomes imperative for mobile operators to maximize the efficient use of their already scarce spectrum, and the EVS codec is designed to help them do that. Radisys’ deep expertise in wireless technologies and Media Server support for the EVS codec position it well to help operators maximize spectral efficiency as they transform their broadband mobile networks from 3G to 4G and ultimately 5G broadband services.”

By leveraging the new EVS codec, mobile operators can use less spectrum to deliver HD Audio or can deliver Ultra HD Audio using the same spectrum required for HD Audio. In addition, advanced error resilience built into EVS makes it ideal for VoLTE, delivering the same voice quality as AMR wideband while using less bandwidth – even in the face of up to 3x more packet loss. Simply put, EVS, one of the most computationally complex audio codecs ever created, packs more and better quality audio into fewer and fewer bits traversing the network and airwaves. This increased computational complexity however places significant burden on voice processing network elements such as Session Border Controllers (SBC) and Media Gateways (MWG), many of which were never designed to deliver the three to four fold increased computational power required to process Ultra HD Audio.

Radisys’ Media Server delivers dense, scalable, feature-rich support for EVS and enables:

  • VoLTE and VoWiFi mobile operators to deliver exceptional voice quality to more subscribers, while saving precious bandwidth and wireless spectrum
  • Independent software vendors such as audio conferencing, unified messaging and ringback tone solution providers to evolve their value-added service platforms to be IMS-compliant and enable music quality audio with Radisys’ support for EVS’s super-wideband mode
  • Inter-exchange carriers and IPX operators to capitalize on the growing need for advanced peering and transcoding between regional and global VoLTE operators while concurrently delivering end-to-end HD voice interoperability to their customers and future-proofing their transcoding architecture

“At Radisys, we’re laser focused on helping mobile operators solve the tough challenges of next-gen networks, including how to solve the problem of scarce spectrum,” said Grant Henderson, vice president, Media Server and Corporate Marketing, Radisys. “By adding EVS codec support to our Media Server solution, we’ve provided mobile operators with an important tool to make their existing spectrum more efficient and to deliver an Ultra HD Audio experience.”

About the EVS Codec

For more information about the EVS codec and its advanced capabilities:

About Radisys

Radisys helps communications and content providers, and their strategic partners, create new revenue streams and drive cost out of their services delivery infrastructure. Radisys’ hyperscale software defined infrastructure, service aware traffic distribution platforms, real-time media processing engines and wireless access technologies enable its customers to maximize, virtualize and monetize their networks. For more information about Radisys please visit www.radisys.com.


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